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Chennai Page

Chennai (formerly known as Madras) - Capital of Tamil Nadu is a Gateway to South India located in the eastern coast of South India facing Bay of Bengal. Chennai is a gracious city which has retained Quant old - World values. Here tradition blends with modernity as the past and the present, the planned and unplanned coexist in harmony. Chennai is widely spreaded in about 180 Sq. Kms.

Chennai has a mixed population of South Indians and North Indians. Apart from Tamilians and people hailing from Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka; Chennai has a sizeable number of Gujarathis, Marwaris, Punjabis and people belonging to the Parsi , each group adding its colors to the rich tapestry of the modern city of Chennai .

Chennai is the base for automobile manufacturing giants like Ford, Hyundai, Ashok Leyland; Nylon giant Dupond; and is the home for Indian tyre giant MRF.
Some Places of interest in chennai .

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